Graffiti Richmond

Photos and videos of street art, graffiti, tags, wheat pastes, yarn bombs,stencils, an so on located on the fine streets of Richmond Virginia, Oakland, San Francisco, and Berkeley California. Feel free to submit your findings to seeing as it's hard to catch 'em all before they're buffed. Remember: No photos of people in the illegal act. And no, I don't work for the cops-ain't nobody got time for that.

More to come!

I spoke to Ed Trask yesterday and he gave me the go ahead to let everyone know about what is coming up in April. Long story short, Richmond got yet another bonus from Altria to help fund a multi mural display around the city. While this sounds like the G40 Summit that has been going on I can assure they are not related! It just so happens that they are occurring at the same time. FLIPPING CRAZY! Anywho. Trask was nice enough to give me a list of the artists who will be coming here to shed their art.

We’ve got the following:
Rich Coleman
Jeff Soto
Nick Kuszyk
Ryan Mcginness

Events and such will be updated as information comes along. This is huge! I’ve got chills just thinking about it. 

 Ed Trask…you’re awesome! 

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